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Generate T&C Documents for Your Business

Terms and Conditions Generator

Generate T&C Documents for Your Business

Generate a Terms & Conditions for your website that is customizable, professional, and drafted by an international legal team. A simple way to handle compliance.

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Generate Terms and Conditions for your website or app in 3 steps

Generate your Terms and Conditions

Start generating your Terms and Conditions in just one click. Once activated, you will get a default setup, recommended for any kind of business.

Customize your Terms and Conditions

Customize your document and add any additional language specific to your business. Our generator offers many options for tailoring your Terms and Conditions to your needs and will guide you throughout the entire creation process.

Add the Terms and Conditions to your site/app

You are given multiple options to integrate the documents on your site/app. All options will seamlessly integrate with your user experience and keep synchronized with our system for you to receive automatic-updates.

Protecting your interests and your content is simple

Generate your customized, auto-updated Terms and Conditions document in 5 minutes.

Need help making your site compliant with international privacy laws?

More than Terms & Conditions, iubenda’s 360° solutions help meet the requirements of international online privacy laws (US, Europe, Australia and Brazil).

Features and benefits

Customize from 100+ clauses carefully crafted by an international legal team.

Questionnaire-style prompts, helpful hints, and explanations to help you include everything you need.

Optimized for apps, e-commerce stores, SaaS, publishers, & bloggers.

Plug-and-go integrations for popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify, eBay, and Amazon.

Seamless integration of the T&Cs into your webpage using the White Label option.

User-friendly dashboard to monitor, edit, and update all your documents for all your sites.