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Auto-blocking from iubenda

With our cookie solution, you can automatically block third-party scripts that install cookies and take steps toward GDPR compliance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cookies are like little notes about your browsing that websites leave on your device. They remember things about you and track where you’ve been online. That’s how you can see ads from places like Google AdSense that feel oddly specific. But there’s a legal side to them, too: these cookies collect personal data about your web habits, and most privacy laws now say websites must be clear about how they use this data. Our Cookie Solution is here to help.
Most websites use some form of cookies to improve performance, for instance, to help pages load faster when they’re revisited. The cookies running on your website can come from any of the tools, widgets, scripts or other pieces of technology you use. One of the easiest ways to figure out which cookies are installed by your site is to identify the services you’re running. Our free Site Scanner can handle that in a flash, making it incredibly easy for you to find potential cookie sources. It will even offer suggestions and resources to help your site stay compliant with the Cookie Law, GDPR and more.
Prior blocking or auto-blocking is about blocking cookies prior to getting consent. It makes sure non-essential cookies are kept off a user’s machine until they give a site the thumbs up. Some laws (like GDPR) make prior blocking mandatory. The Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution can handle it automatically, ensuring only the right cookies are set at the right time.

Need help navigating privacy laws?

More than just cookie banners, iubenda offers a full suite of online tools, all managed from one convenient dashboard. Our 360° solutions help meet the requirements of international privacy laws in Europe and beyond.

What do you get with iubenda?

Superior coverage. Featuring legal clauses that apply even to the most complex scenarios.

Guided setup. Explanations and prompts help make sure you included what you need.

Maximum flexibility. All our tools are optimized for apps, SaaS, online shops and more.

Plug and play integration. With WordPress and with webstores like Shopify, eBay and Amazon.

White Label options. Remove iubenda branding so you can stay true to your style.

An all-in-one dashboard with easy access to all of our tools for your sites and apps.