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Set Up Your Privacy and Cookie Policy

A privacy and cookie policy is one of the main pillars of data protection. Under GDPR, companies can face fines for failing to have one. Our Privacy and Cookie Policy Generator makes it easy, just enter your site URL or app name to start.

Take Care of Cookie Compliance

Activate our Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution to add a custom cookie banner to your site. Handle GDPR compliance by blocking non-essential cookies, collecting and storing user consents, and letting users manage their cookie preferences.

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You’re all set! Simply copy and paste the embed code into your site or rely on one of our dedicated plugins.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The General Data Protection Regulation is the EU’s big move to protect privacy rights. It includes all kinds of requirements for how data and privacy are handled, and it applies to virtually any person or group. If you have users from the EU or the European Economic Area, you’ve got to play by these rules or face some hefty fines.
Not exactly… While cookies and GDPR are often mentioned together, GDPR compliance goes way beyond just cookie banners. The law actually demands “informed, specific consent” for your data collection and processing activities. It’s about user’s rights and transparent data handling. With iubenda, you’re not just ticking boxes — you’re building trust and safeguarding your business reputation while working to avoid hefty fines.
Even if you’re outside Europe, GDPR still matters. It covers any business, big or small, that offers goods and services to or collects data from folks in the EU or EAA. So, if you’re interacting with that crowd in any way, you’re on GDPR’s radar and need to follow its rules.
First, you’ve got to have a transparent Privacy and Cookie Policy, like what you get from our generator. It should detail the data you collect and why, as well as any third-party sharing you do. Next, show cookie banners to first-time visitors and wait to activate non-essential cookies until after obtaining user consent. Our Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution has built-in auto-blocking for just that reason. After that, if you make sure forms like newsletter sign-ups have clear opt-ins, and you’re keeping consent logs, you’re pretty much on track. There are a few more requirements if your business is larger or if you handle high-risk data, but no matter what your business is, it’s easy to streamline things with iubenda — a veritable one-stop shop for your GDPR compliance needs.

Need help navigating privacy laws?

We don’t just handle GDPR. iubenda’s experts have built a full-featured platform that covers international privacy laws in Europe, Brazil, and the US.

What do you get with iubenda?

Multi-language support. Our platform is available in 11 languages, and more are on the way.

Easy management. An all-in-one dashboard means quick access to our tools for all your sites and apps.

Legal expertise. Every iubenda product is backed by a diverse team of international experts.

Customizable for you. Choose from hundreds of legal clauses for solutions that fit your business perfectly.

Guided setup. Simple prompts help make sure you include what you need. Our Site Scanner makes it even easier.

White Label options. Remove iubenda branding so you can stay true to your style.