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Understanding Partial Translations

As our community grows, so does our language options. We’re excited to introduce ‘Partial Translations’ – a feature designed to keep you in the loop about the availability of translations in our products. 

What Are Partial Translations?

Whenever a section of our product isn’t fully translated into your selected language, you’ll see a simple icon – it’s a heads-up that some parts are still being worked on.

We know how important it is for you to have clear information. ‘Partial Translations’ is our way of showing you, at a glance, which parts of our product are fully translated and which parts are still in progress.

This feature helps you make the best choices for your implementation, especially when dealing with multiple languages.

How Does It Work?

What You Need to Know

When using our product, you might come across an icon that looks like this: 

This icon helps you understand the language status of different parts of our product, like the settings or documents. Here’s a quick guide on what it means:

When You See the “Partial Translations” Icon:

If a Language you have selected isn’t Supported:

Sometimes, we can’t provide a complete translation. In these cases, you’ll see the icon, and the affected features such as the Terms and Conditions and/or Privacy Policy legislations are disabled. A little message will pop up when you hover over it, saying “Translation not available.

If you see this icon within your language settings, it means the same thing – the translation isn’t fully available.  

If At Least One Language is Fully Supported:

When at least one of your selected languages is fully translated, you can use all features like the Terms and Conditions button and/or Privacy Policy legislations. 

The icon will be there as a friendly heads-up that some parts might not be fully translated in all of your selected languages.

Behavior in Different Scenarios

Translation not available for any of the Selected Language:

When all the languages enabled for a site are not translated, the affected features are disabled. The “Partial translation” icon is displayed next to these features.
Clicking the icon reveals a popup informing you that the feature is not available in a language(s) you have selected. 

Both Fully and Partially Translated Languages Enabled:

The features are activated, however the “Partial translation” icon is displayed to give you a heads-up that the feature isn’t supported in a language(s) you have selected and will not be included in the configurations. 

For example, a legislation or a service when enabled and having the “Partial translation” icon will indicate in the popover message that the legislation or service won’t be available for a particular language when displayed and rendered in the document to the end user. 

Languages Section in Site Info:

The “Partial translations” icon appears next to each partially translated language, informing you that some features may not be supported in this language.

Why Partial Translations?

Currently, iubenda supports 14 languages, with many available for interface languages as well. The introduction of partial translations will further broaden our language support, catering to an even wider audience.

‘Partial Translations’ is more than a feature – it’s our commitment to transparency and understanding in a multilingual world. We’re here to make sure you have the information you need to implement our products effectively, no matter the language.