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Learn from HelloFresh’s Costly Mistake: Ensure Compliance with iubenda

HelloFresh has recently faced a substantial fine of £140,000 from the ICO for sending out 79 million spam emails and 1 million spam texts over seven months

This fine underscores a crucial lesson for website owners: the importance of clear and compliant communication with customers.

Uncovering HelloFresh’s Compliance Missteps

The company’s opt-in statement for these communications was not specific or informed, lacking clear mention of SMS and being bundled with other aspects. 

This led to customers not being fully aware of what they were opting into, especially regarding the use of their data for marketing up to 24 months post-subscription cancellation. 

The investigation, initiated due to public complaints, revealed that HelloFresh continued to contact some individuals even after opt-out requests. This case reflects the importance of transparent and legally compliant communication strategies.

For more details, please visit the ICO’s website here.

Want to learn more about legal requirements for email marketing?

Check out our comprehensive and practical guide here

🤝 Don’t risk your business’s reputation and finances

At iubenda, we understand the challenges of navigating complex legal requirements for digital communication. HelloFresh’s oversight demonstrates the risk of unclear consent terms and the consequences of not fully respecting customer choices.
Our suite of services offers a robust solution to these challenges.

With iubenda, you can:
  • Request Clear Consent: Customize your consent forms to be transparent and unambiguous, preventing the risks associated with unclear opt-in processes.
  • Stay Updated with Compliance Standards: Our tools are designed to adapt to the latest legal standards.
  • Protect Your Business: Avoid hefty fines and maintain your reputation by ensuring that your communications meet legal requirements.

In today’s digital landscape, trust and compliance are key to sustaining customer relationships and business growth. Learn from HelloFresh’s mistake. Choose iubenda to safeguard your digital communications and stay compliant.

Visit our website to learn how iubenda can help you stay compliant and build trust with your customers.