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Google is sending emails asking users to comply with the EU User Consent Policy: how to avoid the suspension of your account

Google is taking the enforcement of the EU User Consent Policy very seriously. Many Google users, who were found in violation of the Policy, are receiving an email that invites them to take action in order to avoid any repercussions, such as the suspension of their account.

Google EU user consent policy

The text of the email

Here below, you can read the text of the email, which was shared on X/Twitter by a Google Ads user:

Please check the site(s) or app(s) listed in the attached file and take action to ensure they comply with our Policy. We will re-review your site(s) or app(s) regularly and monitor your account. We may take action, including suspension, if the Policy violations have not been resolved.

The EU User Consent Policy outlines your responsibility as a user of our ad technology to:

  • Obtain EEA along with UK end users’ consent to:
    • the use of cookies or other local storage where legally required; and
    • the collection, sharing, and use of personal data for personalization of ads.
  • Identify each party that may collect, receive or use end users’ personal data as a consequence of your use of a Google product.
  • Provide end users with prominent and easily accessible information about those parties’ use of personal data.

What is the EU User Consent Policy?

The EU User Consent Policy was first issued in 2015 and then updated in 2018 when the GDPR was enforced. Basically, if the GDPR and the Cookie Law apply to you, you need users’ consent to use Google products, which often rely on technologies such as cookies or local storage.

How to avoid the suspension of your account

The latest update of the EU User Consent Policy was announced on January 18th, 2024. Google is enhancing the enforcement of the policy, making it stricter. In particular, from now on, publishers and advertisers showing ads to consumers in the European Economic Area (EEA) and the UK need to send verifiable consent signals through Google Consent Mode v2.

The best and most efficient way of doing this is through a Google-certified CMP, like iubenda. A CMP with a Google Consent Mode integration will automatically pass the consent signals, without any effort on your behalf.

Comply with the EU User Consent Policy

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