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New Cookie Pledge Principles 


The European Data Protection Board (EDPB) backs the EU Commission’s pledge for simplifying user consent and addressing cookie fatigue, with a strong focus on GDPR compliance.

On December 19, 2023, a pivotal meeting unfolded, bringing together the Commission, digital advertisers, consumer associations, and traders. Their collective aim was ambitious yet clear, to present the draft of the ‘cookie pledge principles‘.  

As we get ready for the finalization of these principles, iubenda is fully prepared to guide businesses towards compliance with these emerging standards.

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Cookie Pledge Principles

Understanding the Cookie Pledge 

The principles aim to simplify cookie management for consumers while ensuring their privacy and data protection rights.

  • Transparency about the use of cookies and the associated business model.
  • Simplification of consent requests.
  • Providing clear and unambiguous choices to consumers.
  • Respecting user settings for cookies and advertising preferences.

Easily align with the upcoming European Commission’s New Cookie Pledge Principles!

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Principle A: Consent and Essential Cookies 

  • Essential cookies, which don’t require consent, shouldn’t be part of the consent request.
  • The EU Commission recommends against mentioning legitimate interests in the primary layer of the cookie banner. Instead, it should be included in the following layers for better clarity and user understanding.
Cookie Pledge Principles

Principles B, C, and D: ‘Pay or Okay’ System:

Offer Clear Choices and Less Intrusive Advertising Alternatives

  • Websites/apps should upfront disclose if their content is financed through advertising.
  • Choices regarding trackers should be clear and easy to understand.
  • An alternative to tracking-based advertising should be offered.
Cookie Pledge Principles

Principle E: Consent Specificity:

  • Consent must be freeinformed, and specific.
  • Gatekeepers under the Digital Markets Act must offer less personalized alternatives to users.

For ensuring that consent is free, informed, and specific, and to comply with the Digital Markets Act, iubenda’s privacy controls and cookie solution can be customized and assist in meeting these requirements.

Cookie Pledge Principles

Principle F: Business Model Consent — Cookie Fatigue 

The principle emphasizes that once consumers consent to a specific business model, separate permissions for cookies employed within that model are no longer required. 

This streamlined approach is designed to alleviate ‘cookie fatigue‘, ensuring that the consent process is more effectively tailored to reflect consumer preferences and decisions.

Cookie Pledge Principles

Principle G: Duration of Consent: 

  • The EU Commission suggests that, in cases where consent has been declined, there should be a one-year interval before repeating consent requests.
  • Aims to reduce annoyance from frequent consent prompts.
Cookie Pledge Principles

Principle H: Application Settings: 

  • The EDPB acknowledges software applications’ ability to enable users to control their cookie preferences.
  • Endorses the use of settings that allow users to predefine their cookie preferences.
  • Aims to make the consent process more straightforward by allowing preference presets.

iubenda’s Role in Simplifying Compliance

At iubenda, our mission has always been to simplify legal compliance for websites and apps. With the EU’s new cookie pledging principles on the horizon, our role becomes increasingly crucial. 

Our solutions are crafted to align with these new guidelines, providing a straightforward and efficient pathway for businesses to adhere to the latest legal standards in cookie consent management.

Next Stepse

📆 January 2024: Ongoing discussions and fine-tuning of the principles by the European Commission and stakeholders.

📆 April 2024: The final presentation of the principles at the Consumer Summit, showcasing the culmination of collaborative efforts in enhancing consumer privacy and choice in digital advertising.

📆 Early 2024: Finalization of the cookie pledging principles, incorporating input from the EDPB and stakeholders.

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