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Get Ready for Incoming BayLDA Audits

You might’ve seen that the Bavarian Data Protection Authority (BayLDA) recently checked more than 350 sites and apps for cookie banner compliance. If you’re wondering what that means for your business, you’re not alone.

The BayLDA has conducted general compliance audits across Bavaria. They can be triggered by complaints, but are also conducted randomly or on specific businesses and industries without notice. The Authority uses a range of methods, from in-person visits to AI-driven online scans. Right now, the Authority is expanding with a new division called the Test Procedures Office. This change is the start of regular, focused audits to improve data protection throughout the region.

And you could be next on their list.

How can iubenda help?

In the face of increased scrutiny from authorities like the BayLDA, staying compliant is more important than ever. Our privacy tools can help you generate the ideal cookie banner and legal docs to meet the data protection standards set by current regulations.

What do you get with iubenda?

Smart Site Scanning: Our AI-powered site scanner and guided setup help simplify the complex privacy regulations BayLDA expects you to meet.

Clearer Consents: Add easy-to-understand ‘Accept’ and ‘Reject’ options in your cookie banners, directly addressing BayLDA’s concerns.

Customizable Cookie Banners: Flexible design options mean you can align your privacy tools with your brand’s style.

Consistent Updates: Our solutions evolve in real time to match the latest laws and regulations so you can stay compliant with almost zero effort.

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