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Newsletter Opt-in Booster: Streamline Signups & Consent Management


Do email marketing the right way

For mailing lists
Consent management

Add a customizable newsletter subscription form and consent database to your site in just a few clicks. Simplify marketing signups and consent management with this powerful extra utility baked right into the privacy suite you already love from iubenda.

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Make sure your newsletter follows all the rules

Email lists and newsletters are a cost-effective way to build and maintain relationships with your customers, but they could end up costing you more than you bargained for. Legal fees will rack up quickly if you don’t respect user consent choices and maintain the right kinds of records.

The Newsletter Opt-in Booster is an interactive way for your site visitors to subscribe to your email list, plus it includes full customization options, a double opt-in method, and an intuitive dashboard to manage consent records. Activate and unlock hassle-free email marketing with just a few clicks.

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🗞️ Using an email marketing service like Mailchimp?

With the Newsletter Opt-in Booster, you can easily export consent records to add to your mailing list. See the product guide to learn more.

What you get with the Newsletter Opt-in Booster

Double opt-in protection

Email confirmations for every signup protect your users and help reduce the chance of spam complaints.

Consent record flexibility

All of your data is automatically integrated with the rest of iubenda’s tools like the Consent Database.

No extra installs

Easily activate and embed the subscription form into your site without any fuss.

Frequently asked questions

With email list signups, there are two options: single opt-in and double opt-in. Single opt-in is common and easy to understand. Usually, someone visits your website and wants to sign up for your newsletter, so they give you their info. They’re on your list, and they’ll start getting your newsletter right away. Sometimes, you might even send your current newsletter by default when they sign up. But, that’s all it takes, and then they’re getting emails from you forever (or until they unsubscribe).

Double opt-in adds an extra step so that after someone gives you their email address, they also need to click a confirmation link in an automated email we send. This confirms they really want to join your list. Do you have to have it legally? Probably not. Privacy laws in general don’t require double opt-in methods for email marketing, but it’s important for other reasons.
It adds an extra layer of consent checking, which makes sure that people who sign up for your email list or newsletter are genuinely interested in what you’re sending them. This method helps cut down on spam complaints against your business, and it improves the quality of your email list and leads. Basically, it lets you be confident that your subscribers are on your list because they want to be, which makes for a more engaged and responsive audience. And we make it automatic so you don’t even have to think about it.
Absolutely. Just like the rest of your privacy tools, the Newsletter Opt-In Booster is customizable and can easily be adjusted to match your brand. Adjust the content and positioning of the tool from the same dashboard as all your other compliance solutions.

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