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Google Consent Mode v2 e-book

Starting March 2024, Consent Mode v2 is required if you want to keep using Google services for EU users. Waiting could mean losing out on analytics data, and your ads could even be removed from European markets.

Google Consent Mode v2

What’s New and How It Affects You

Using Google tools effectively within the modern digital privacy landscape can be tough. If you’re wondering how to stay ahead of the curve without getting lost in the legalese, you’re in the right place.

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Google Consent Mode, the AI-powered, conversion-boosting, privacy-protecting powerhouse, is ready to go to work for your business. This free guide breaks down the most recent Consent Mode updates and is packed with other insights.

Inside the guide, you’ll discover:

Key Updates

What’s new with Google Consent Mode? The latest changes are more important than you might think, especially for businesses engaging with the European market.

The Real Impact

Learn about the implications of holding out on Consent Mode and how it could affect your ad campaigns and analytics, not to mention policy compliance.

Navigational Aids

Identify common challenges and how to get past them to keep your digital marketing on track.

Why should you care?

Not only does Consent Mode help keep your marketing strategies compliant, but it also makes them more effective while still protecting user privacy. Understanding how to leverage Google’s new technology can give you the advantage of an informed, consent-based approach that improves user trust and can seriously boost your marketing ROI. Compliance doesn’t mean you have to compromise on results. Get our guide, and arm yourself with actionable tips on integrating Consent Mode with your business.

Google Consent Mode V2
What’s New and How It Affects You

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