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WordPress Plugin for Google Consent Mode v2

WordPress Plugin for Google Consent Mode v2

iubenda’s All-in-one Compliance WordPress plugin is the easiest way to activate Google Consent Mode

Download the plugin, install it on your WordPress site and the automatic configuration will instantly enable Google Consent Mode

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Enable Google Consent Mode
3 easy steps with iubenda

Step 1

Download and install the plugin

Go to the WordPress repository and download iubenda’s plugin. Install it on your website and follow the instructions for the implementation.

Step 2

Configure the cookie consent banner

If you’re not sure, you can also use the automatic configuration and we’ll suggest the best implementation for your website.

Step 3

Enable Google Consent Mode

Once the consent banner is live, Google Consent Mode v2 will be automatically enabled on your WordPress website.

Is Google Consent Mode already active on your website? Check here!

Why you should use Google Consent Mode on WordPress

Starting March 2024, to keep using Google services functions like targeting and conversion tracking for EU users, you are required to add Consent Mode to your website. To handle all this, Google recommends working with a Google CMP Partner, like iubenda.

“iubenda stays on top of the laws around the world, so they adjust and add more stuff to help users comply with new laws.”

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