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WordPress Plugin for Cookie Banner

The Complete Solution to Make Your WordPress Site GDPR and Cookie Law Compliant

Scan your site and instantly get a compliance report. If there are any issues, the iubenda WordPress plugin will help you resolve them easily.


Take the first step towards compliance. Start for free with iubenda.

This all-in-one plugin allows you to integrate iubenda’s compliance solutions with a single installation, and the basic setup is completely free.

Enter Your Website URL

The scanner will analyze your website’s compliance in detail. Enter your domain to get started.

Get Your Compliance Report

In just a few seconds, you’ll receive a report with guidance on how to make your website compliant.

Install the WordPress Plugin

Set up everything you need to comply. With the iubenda WordPress plugin, it only takes a few minutes.

360° Solution to Align Your WordPress Site with Regulations

More than just a cookie banner. The iubenda WordPress plugin is a comprehensive compliance solution, easy to use, with lawyer-drafted texts, scanning, and auto-configuring your site based on your specific needs.

Privacy and Cookie Policy Generator

Easily generate and manage your customized Privacy and Cookie Policy.

  • Over 1,800 clauses drafted by a team of lawyers

  • Translate your documents into up to 15 languages with one click

  • Automatic updates when the law changes

Cookie Solution

Generate your fully customizable cookie banner and manage user consents.

  • Automatic preventative cookie blocking on WordPress

  • Asynchronous consent gathering and reactivation

  • Cookie preference log included

Consent Database

Align your forms with GDPR by collecting proof of consent.

  • Automatic integration with WordPress forms

  • Synchronizes with your legal documents

  • Includes a dashboard to retrieve consents

Terms and Conditions Generator

Easily generate and manage your customized Terms and Conditions document.

  • Over 100 pre-configured clauses

  • Available in 15 languages

  • Always up-to-date

Easily generate and manage your customized Privacy and Cookie Policy.

  • Over 1,800 clauses drafted by a team of lawyers

  • Translate your documents into up to 15 languages with one click

  • Automatic updates when the law changes

Chosen by over 130,000 customers in more than 100 countries

Don't Risk a Fine

Scan your site now and find out how to comply with the iubenda WordPress plugin.

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Or download the plugin, install it, and manage everything from WordPress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can download our plugin and access our core services for free. This means you can easily create your privacy and cookie policy and add your cookie banner without spending a dime. If your site needs more services or features, you can always upgrade to our paid plans, which start at $5.99/month.
Yes, in addition to WordPress, iubenda also has plugins for Joomla!, Prestashop, and Magento. If you’ve built your website on a different platform, don’t worry! Installing our solutions is really easy, and we have guides for all major platforms and custom websites.
With our WordPress plugin, setup is straightforward: just download the plugin, install it on your WordPress site, and the automatic configuration will instantly enable Google Consent Mode. Our Autoblocking feature handles all the prior blocking requirements for you. Of course, you can always change the behavior of the cookie banner with manual configuration.

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