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First Steps with iubenda: Using the Site Scanner and Auto-Configuration

Understanding the complexities of online legal compliance can be challenging for many website and app owners. This guide helps on getting you started with iubenda’s site scanner and auto-configuration tools, designed to simplify the initial setup of your legal documents and managing legal complexities.

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For New Sites: Getting Started and Auto-Configuration

1. Providing Site Details

Visit iubenda’s homepage or your Dashboard and find the “Start Generating” button. Click it to start creating a new project for an existing website, a site under construction, or an app. Enter your site’s URL and click “Next“.

scanner details

Next, we will ask for specific details about your site or app, such as its location and the language of your documents. You can choose from 14 languages in the drop-down menu 👉 (Danish, Dutch, English-UK, English-US, French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese-BR, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish).


You also need to select your targeted users’ location—worldwide, only in your country, or specific countries.

scanner users

Finally, categorize your website as either Generic, Personal/Institutional, Publisher/Blog, E-commerce, SaaS, or Online Service.

scanner type site

💡 This information allows iubenda to determine the requirements that apply to you and consequently customize the legal documents to meet your needs precisely.

After submitting your site’s details, iubenda will perform a scan. This scanning process involves checking your site for cookies, trackers, and third-party services to determine what legal documents and compliance mechanisms you need. The waiting time depends on the complexity of your site, but it’s usually just a few minutes.

scanner process

2. Reviewing the Scanner Report

Once the scan is complete, you’ll get a rating score based on compliance level indicators, and a scanner report breaking down the findings, and options to fix issues directly through iubenda.

The scanner report is comprehensive and breaks down its findings into categories:

  • ✓ Passed: Indicates elements of your site that already comply with legal standards.
  • ▵ Attention required: Points out where your site lacks compliance and needs changes or additional information.
  • ◯ Needs your input: Points out elements that the scanner couldn’t identify on your site, potentially requiring review and/or inclusion.
  • ∕ Not applicable: Identifies aspects that don’t apply to your site’s legal requirements.
scanner results

📥 Additionally, the report will be sent to your email for you to access anytime.

scanner results

Each issue identified under “Attention required” and “Needs your input” can be fixed directly through iubenda’s solutions. Look for the “Fix this with iubenda” button to address these items quickly, or choose to manually edit or override the scanner’s suggestions if you have specific needs or solutions in mind.

scanner process

👉 For example, if the scanner detects that your cookie banner doesn’t display the “Accept” and “Reject” actions equally, and therefore doesn’t comply with the requirements applicable to your specific website, it will be marked as “Attention Required” in the report under the “Your cookie banner” section.

To fix this, simply click on the “Fix this with iubenda” button and you will be redirected directly to the solution that will help you comply with this requirement, in this case, through our Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution. Once redirected, simply follow the steps in the configurator, and you will have it fixed!

scanner process

In cases where items are marked as “Not applicable” and you consider that the determination made by our system may not be accurate, you can take action by clicking on “Edit manually“. From there, you can choose a custom option of your choice from the drop-menu, such as “Check passed“, “Attention required” or “Check not applicable“. This allows you to adjust the assessment and increase the compliance score to achieve 100%.

scanner process

You also have the option to remove the override if you later deem it necessary.

💡 Please note that the same process applies to each of the requirements detailed in the report: Your Cookie Banner, Your Cookie Policy, Your Privacy Policy, and Your Terms & Conditions.

Auto-Configuration: Setup Wizard ✨

💡 Assisted configuration is essentially a guided setup. It will walk you through various steps and decisions needed to ensure your site or app is fully compliant with laws and regulations, particularly around data privacy and cookie usage.

Our setup wizard simplifies the process of configuring your website. Start by scanning your site or selecting an existing one, just like in the first steps of the above process, and click “Proceed with assisted configuration” after receiving the scan results.

scanner results

First, you will go through a guided setup to review the recommended configurations. After scanning your site, here’s what we’ll do:

  1. Legislations Covered: We figure out which privacy laws apply to you, including US state laws, the EU’s GDPR, Brazil’s LGPD, and Switzerland’s FADP. We will configure your privacy tools accordingly.
  2. Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution: We examine your requirements for cookies and consent banners. We will determine which countries’ regulations you must follow and if you need to enable the Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF).
  3. Privacy and Cookie Policy: We scan the site, identify active services, and suggest their inclusion in the policy.
  4. Terms and Conditions: We assess if you need to activate Terms and Conditions to safeguard your business, as some projects require them more than others.
assisted configuration set up

Next, you’ll see a preview of your documents, and you’ll have the option to tweak their style later on.

assisted configuration set up

Once click on “Next”, you can explore suggested plans with a breakdown of each suggestion, highlighting inclusions and potential gaps.

assisted configuration set up

After choosing a plan, iubenda shows you a configuration checklist. This checklist details the steps you must follow to fully implement your compliance measures. It serves as a guide to make sure you cover every part of your legal and compliance setup.

From this configuration checklist you can track your progress. This guide helps you go through every step needed to hit a 100% configuration score.

assisted configuration set up

Simply click “Activate Now“, and our system will guide you through the steps to finalize your setup using our solutions.

assisted configuration set up

❗️ If your current plan lacks a suggested solution for compliance, you can easily upgrade by clicking the “Upgrade to …” button. This will give you access to all the features needed for your automated setup.

Anyway, in the top right corner, our enhanced header displays your progress. As you complete each step — activating products, configuring products, and embedding products — your compliance score will increase.

assisted configuration set up

You can click on “Get me to 100%” at any time to go over the steps again, or view the fully detailed scanner report by clicking on the icon 👁️.

assisted configuration set up

For Existing Set-ups: Enhanced Header and Auto-Configuration

If you already have a site set up, iubenda’s enhanced header and auto-configuration tools also can help you manage and improve your compliance. The enhanced header provides a clear overview of your compliance progress and guides you through the necessary steps to ensure your site meets all legal requirements. Here’s how to use these features effectively:

In the top right corner, our enhanced header displays your progress. As you complete each step — activating products, configuring products, and embedding products — your compliance score will increase.

  1. Configuration checklist: The enhanced header shows your progress towards compliance, indicating the steps completed and those pending.
  2. Activate Products: Follow the prompts to activate necessary products for your site.
  3. Configured Products: Check the configured products and complete the configuration according to your specific legal and compliance needs.
  4. Embedded Products: Directly embed the configured products into your site, and even test that the embedding works correctly by clicking on ‘Test embedding’.

Click “Get me to 100%” anytime to go over the steps again, or view the fully detailed scanner report by clicking on the icon 👁️.

assisted configuration set up

To complete the setup via auto-configuration, simply follow the same steps detailed in the Auto-Configuration: Setup Wizard ✨ section.

And that’s it! – that’s how easy it is to achieve that your site meets all the necessary legal requirements with iubenda!

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