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Make your clients’ sites and apps legally compliant with iubenda

How iubenda can help you

Resell iubenda solutions to your clients to make their sites/apps compliant

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For websites/apps

Privacy and Cookie Policy Generator

Create a privacy and cookie policy in minutes.

Customizable from 1700+ clauses, available in 11 languages and automatically updated if the law changes, our generator allows you to create a legal document in minutes and seamlessly integrate it with your clients’ sites or apps.

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For websites/apps

Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution

Manage consent preferences for GDPR and CCPA.

Our solution allows you to display a fully customizable Cookie Banner, Consent Banner and Privacy Controls or a CCPA notice of collection, collect cookie consent, implement prior blocking for EU users, a “Do Not Sell” link for California users and more.

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For websites/apps

Terms and Conditions Generator

Create a terms and conditions in minutes.

Customizable from hundreds of combinations, available in 11 languages, powerful and precise — our solution is capable of handling even the most complex, individual scenarios.

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For websites/apps
For organizations

Consent Database

Collect GDPR and LGPD consents, document opt-ins and CCPA opt-outs.

Our solution smoothly integrates with your clients’ consent collection forms, syncs with their legal documents and includes a user-friendly dashboard for reviewing consent records.

Legal requirements and iubenda solutions

For a full overview, download the recap presentation on online legal compliance and iubenda’s solutions.

Download the presentation

Resources for discussing compliance with your clients

Become a Certified Partner in order to use our lawyer-crafted resources to inform your clients on legal requirements and avoid liabilities

Inform your clients

Inform your clients

Inform your clients on their obligations and offer them relevant iubenda compliance solutions via the email templates reserved for our Certified Partners.

Avoid liabilities

Avoid liabilities

Be sure to include a disclaimer in the supply contract that the client is asked to sign, to ensure that you are exempted from any legal liability. Alternatively, you can also have the client sign a specific waiver for legal liabilities. By becoming a Certified Partner, you will receive a template to set up such a waiver.

Be appointed as a data processor

Be appointed as a data processor

The agency or web professional should be appointed as a data processor by all of their clients, using a Data Processing Agreement (DPA). To do this, please consult the guide and the data processing agreement template.

Consult the guide and the DPA template
Data processor responsibilities according to GDPR

As the web agency, if you process personal data on behalf of your client, it is also advisable to take certain precautions to limit the onset of any disputes. Find out more about agencies duties and exemptions from liability in this guide.

Become a Certified iubenda Partner

With the iubenda certification program, you can become a Certified Partner and thus access exclusive content, advanced support, and the many other benefits reserved strictly for certified web agencies and web professionals.

Find out more about our certification program

Join the Partner Academy in order to access all the resources needed to successfully pass the certification program.

Exclusive support for web agencies and web professionals

Should you have any outstanding questions, you can also participate in one of our upcoming Q&A Sessions. The Q&A Sessions are recurring 30-minute appointments, designed to offer web agencies and web professionals the opportunity to interact directly with our experts in real-time, and to have their most pressing questions answered.

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For more information on our services, you can also contact us using the dedicated address: business@iubenda.com

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