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Are explicit “accept” and “reject” buttons required for cookie consent?

In general, consent to cookies is needed if you have EU based users or are an EU based company, and run non-exempt cookies.

The cookie consent must be informed, explicit and given via an unambiguous opt-in action.

Specifically, you must:

  • display a clearly visible cookie banner (with a link to the cookie policy) at the user’s first visit;
  • block all non-exempt cookies and scripts from being run until after consent is received;
  • collect consent via an explicit opt-in action.

Do cookie banners need to have an accept button?

The Accept button allows your users to give consent to cookies by clicking on the explicit accept and – with the exception of Italy – it’s required to users who operate in the EU.

Do cookie banners need to have a reject button?

Yes, they most likely do. This feature is required for users who operate in the UK, Italy, Spain, Denmark,Germany, France, and Ireland. Please note that there are slight differences in each country’s requirements regarding the reject button.

For more information on each DPOs specific requirements, check out our GDPR cookie consent cheatsheet

How iubenda can help

Here’s where our cookie consent management solution comes in very handy. It allows you to:

  • easily generate a cookie banner with “Accept” and “Reject” buttons,
  • seamlessly collect consent,
  • implement prior blocking,
  • set advertising preferences and more.

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