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Disclaimers for eCommerce Stores


If you sell online, you need to warn users and limit liability that arises from normal eCommerce activities. Here’s where disclaimers can help: they are common defense measures that you can use to protect yourself against legal claims.

Why disclaimers?

Disclaimers work as a warning sign when users visit your site: they notify them that your products or services may damage them, and that you cannot be considered responsible.

Disclaimers may also discourage users from stealing your website content, and protect it from a copyright perspective.

If your online business offers products or services to users, then you should have disclaimers as legal protection.

Where to put disclaimers on your eCommerce website

Disclaimers should be visible and accessible to users, and can be included in several places on your site. You can create a separate disclaimer page, or you can add them to your terms and conditions.

How iubenda can help you generate disclaimers for your eCommerce store

With our Terms and Conditions Generator you can create disclaimers that can protect you in case of legal claims.

Our solution lets you to easily generate and manage Terms and Conditions that are professional, customizable from over 100 clauses, drafted by an international legal team, available in 10 languages, and up to date with the main international legislations.

See it in action:

It comes with:

  • guided set-up;
  • hundreds of possible personalizations;
  • legislation monitoring;
  • plug-and-go integrations for popular store platforms such as Shopify and WooCommerce;
  • pre-defined scenarios: buildable text modules for marketplace, affiliate programs, copyright, eCommerce, mobile, and more.

The solution is optimized for everything from eCommerce (including affiliate programs), blogs, and apps, to complex scenarios like marketplace and SaaS. Getting started is easy: simply create a free account, activate the Terms and Conditions within the dashboard (requires 1 Ultra license) and start generating.

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