Standard Embedding Button: How to Modify and Localize the Button Text

If you want the iubenda button to display something other than “Privacy Policy”, you’ll need to apply the changes yourself.

privacy policy button iubenda

To modify the title of the privacy policy button (that displays when you use the standard embedding option) and adjust it to your language of choice, please do the following:

  • Change the anchor/link and the content of the Title tag that you can find within the privacy policy’s embedding code, as shown below:

Come passare dalla Cookie Solution in versione Light a quella Full e viceversa
Below you can find “privacy policy” in the 8 languages available within our generator:

  • English: Privacy policy / Privacy Policy
  • Italian: Privacy policy / Privacy Policy
  • Spanish: Política de privacidad / Política de Privacidad
  • French: Politique de confidentialité
  • Portuguese: Política de privacidade / Política de Privacidade
  • German: Datenschutzerklärung
  • Dutch: Privacybeleid
  • Russian: Политика конфиденциальности / конфиденциальность

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