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Table of Contents

Solution quick check guide

➤ Privacy & Cookie Policy Generator

Privacy policies are required under almost all global privacy laws – so you’ll likely need this if you don’t have one already.

➤ Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution

If the GDPR, ePrivacy, or CCPA applies to you, you will need this solution.

  • The GDPR and ePrivacy apply to you if your business is based in the EU or if you have EU-based users. In particular, the ePrivacy or Cookie Law applies if your site or app runs cookies or similar technologies.
  • The CCPA may apply to you if you have California-based users.

➤ Terms & Conditions

While not always legally required, Terms & Conditions are the one document on your website or app, whose sole purpose is to protect your interests. They allow you to set legally binding rules for how your service should be used.

They contain things like disclaimers, copyright rules, account creation rules, age restriction information, mandatory statements for e-commerce businesses, and more.

➤ Consent Database & Register of Data Processing Activities

If the GDPR, ePrivacy, LGPD or CCPA applies to you, you will need this solution.