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Swap Licenses from One Privacy Policy to Another

Here’s a problem: you’ve paid for one license but you want to use it for something else. In this short help post we’ll explain how to swap Pro Licenses in between privacy policies: the old one loses the Pro License and the new one is turned into the Pro License.

Pay Per License

Turn another privacy policy Pro

You have at least one Pro policy in your account, but you would like to “give” that Pro License to another privacy policy. There’s one straight forward way to do this without depending on our support.

Use that existing Pro policy, rename it, add the right clauses and implement it onto the right site. Technically it’s still the same policy, but you’ve changed all of the details to reflect the reality of a new project/site.

Swap licenses from one privacy policy to another

Transfering a Pro License to a mobile app from a website and vice-versa

Here’s an example of such a request:

I just purchased a Pro policy for our website X and then decided I wanted to first configure a mobile app policy instead. I deleted the website and assumed that I could carry the Pro policy over.

Since these two privacy policies are different in nature, we have to do this manually (whether you delete that other policy or not). Therefore get in touch and we’ll help you out.


One of the advanced features of our Multi-license plans is that you can easily swap licenses from one privacy policy to another. You don’t need to create a new policy, you just have to delete an “old” one: a Pro License will be automatically assigned to the new policy.