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Why Does My Privacy Policy State “This Application Does Not Support Do Not Track Requests”?

Do Not Track (DNT) is a browser feature that allows for users to have greater control over the information that is collected from them during their browsing activities. Specifically, when this feature is activated through the browser’s settings, every website visited receives a Do Not Track request.

However, most website no longer support Do Not Track requests therefore even though the Do Not Track request is sent, it is of no effect.

Given that for the most part websites do not honour DNT requests, we include a standard clause in all of iubenda’s privacy policies, explaining that your application does not support this type of request.

Further information on Do Not Track is available in the following articles:

What are my obligations if my site does support Do Not Track?

If your site supports Do Not Track, you must substitute our standard Do Not Track Clause with custom wording of your own, detailing the manner in which your site manages this type of request.

When the drafting of a custom clause is required in response to Do Not Track requests, the only way to manage this situation at the moment is to request a quote for our Custom Assistance Service. With this service, one of our lawyers will personally draft your site’s Privacy Policy, modifying the standard template by removing the default Do Not Track clause and replacing it with a custom clause that covers your particular case.

If you would like further information on Do Not Track or if you would like to request a quote for our Custom Assistance Service, contact our customer support team.

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