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Italy’s latest Cookie Requirements

And what you need to do

Based in Italy or target Italy based users? Then all the rules below may apply to you. (Don’t have Italian users? Click here to learn more about the latest Cookie-related updates that may apply to you. )

🎯 New requirements

In July of this year, the Italian Data Protection Authority (“Garante Privacy”) approved new guidelines for the use of cookies. The deadline for complying with these new rules is January 10th, 2022.

What does this mean for me?

It means that you‘ll need to make sure that your Cookie Solution settings are in line with the lew legal requirements.

In my case, do I need to comply?

If you are either based in Italy or target Italy-based users you’re required to comply with the new requirements.

What happens if I don’t comply?

Failure to comply could mean that the cookie consents you do capture will be considered invalid in the eyes of the law. This puts you in violation of the GDPR and at risk for sanctions and fines of up to €20,000 000

How to comply

The Italian DPA has declared certain elements as mandatory in the cookie banner and in your cookie management process. You can find an in-depth explanation of these requirements in our dedicated guide.

With the January 10th deadline fast approaching, we’ve prepared the following list to help you make sure that you’re ready in time.

  • Activate both Accept and Reject buttons in the Cookie Solution customizer (these settings will also disable the closing “X” as it’s no longer considered a valid way to collect consent by the DPA)
  • Make sure that per-category consent is active in your Cookie Solution
  • Select the “Enable Learn more and customize button”
  • Disable consent by simple scrolling if it’s active on your site
  • Set the validity period of your cookies to at least 6 months (if you’ve changed it from the default settings)
  • Prior-block analytics cookies unless specific conditions are met
  • Enable The Cookie and Consent Preference Logs in your Cookie Solution*
  • You must select Consent only if you’ve activated Restrict purposes in your TCF settings (guidance here)
  • Lastly, if you happen to use a cookie wall on your website, you must disable it.

*Note: Because GDPR proof of consent is now mandatory in order for the consent to be considered valid, we strongly recommend enabling consent logging now to avoid having to ask your users to re-consent after the January 10th deadline.

📌 Not sure how to set up your Cookie Solution to meet all the latest European Cookie Requirements?

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