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“I don’t need a terms and conditions document”


💡 Why?

Terms and conditions typically contain commercial disclosures that are legally mandatory under most countrie’s laws.


“It’s ok to have an incomplete terms and conditions document”


💡 Why?

Incomplete terms and conditions can expose you to legal risks and put you in violation of commercial laws.


“It’s ok if I link my terms and conditions document to my homepage only”


💡 Why?

Because terms and conditions are meant to be a legally binding contract between you and your users, you need to ensure that your users can easily see, access and (ideally) agree to your terms. This is important because, should you need to rely on your terms and conditions for legal protection, you’ll need to show that your users had access to and were aware of your terms.

This is why best practice dictates that you make your documents easily accessible from every page of your site and, if possible, link them from hotspots like sign-up and comment forms.

Furthermore, many businesses choose to rely on a method of verification like a check box that allows the customer to indicate that they have in fact read and agreed to your terms and conditions.


“I should create my terms and conditions document by copy/pasting from a basic template”


💡 Why?

Each terms and conditions document is a legally binding contract that is meant to protect you and your business specifically. Therefore, it’s critically important that the document matches your particular business processes, model, and remains up-to-date with the various laws referenced in its contents.

Using a basic template may expose your business to liabilities, risks and negative legal consequences.


“A terms and conditions document keeps my services and content safe from misuse”


💡 Why?

Terms and conditions allow you to set disclaimers and the rules of how your products and services may be used. This allows you the ability to limit your liability, potentially preventing issues before they arise and giving you the ability to mount an adequate defence – should you be challenged legally.

What do I need to do?

Our Terms and Conditions Generator makes creating a complete Terms and Conditions super simple with a preconfigured basic set-up and helpful hints to guide you. Simply click to add your clauses and be done in minutes.

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