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Discover the iubenda Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution

The comprehensive solution by iubenda to comply with provisions of the European cookie law: banner management, easy to run cookie policy and Consent Database, fast and without heavy investments

Trusted by over 30,000 customers in 100+ countries

  • Opengov
  • Martini
  • MIT
  • Goethe Universität Frankfurt
  • Ustwo
  • New York Code Co.

What does the cookie law require?

Extended notice

If the site installs any type of cookie, the cookie law requires the formulation and presentation of a cookie policy to the user

Brief notice

Except for exempt cookie categories, the cookie law requires presentation of a banner when the user first visits the site

Obtaining consent

Finally, the cookie law requires websites to seek user consent and preventively block any scripts that install cookies

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Easy, fast and inexpensive

The cost of the license to generate the privacy/cookie policy is $27 per year. The license is valid for a single site and language. To purchase multiple licenses, we suggest one of our multi-license plans. The iubenda Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution (with banners, blocking codes, and consent acquisition) requires a small fee in addition to the cost of the license. Please see iubenda’s pricing page for more information.

Why choose the iubenda Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution?

  • Instructions and supporting materials for step by step installation
  • The reliability of a team that has been offering solutions for regulatory compliance with online privacy since 2011, trusted by more than 20.000 customers in more than 100 countries worldwide
  • The appearance and operation of the banner, which are optimized for mobile devices, and tested on dozens of devices and platforms, are customizable in every detail
  • Consent by scrolling with reactivation after blocking (without refreshing, except in rare cases). You can also share consent across multiple domains on the same network (cross-site consent)
  • Free WordPress and Joomla! plugins for banner integration and automatic blocking of the codes
  • A web server module (Apache/NGINX/IIS) to fully automate compliance with regulations (available upon request only for large sites)
  • All available in 11 languages (US English, UK English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Portuguese, Russian, Dutch and Danish)

Google says…

Even if you’re not EU based, you have to be compliant with the new European user consent policy.
iubenda is the only tool you need to make your website cookie law compliant.

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