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Posting of a Privacy Policy

When you’ve written the contents and put in the right elements in your privacy policy, how do you make sure that it is properly added to your application? What is it’s correct position? What is it’s correct wording and place?

The exact place and style of a privacy policy and its link depend on a few factors, but there are some logical and easy suggestions.

How to post your privacy policy link:

  • Publish a clear and prominent link or button labeled “privacy policy”, “privacy notice” or similar on the home page, which directly leads to the privacy policy.
  • Make it accessible from everywhere on the site (in the footer is a natural and widely used choice).
  • Display a clear and prominent link to the privacy policy at the location where personal information is collected & add a statement like the following: “NOTICE: We collect personal information on this site. To learn more about how we use your information, click here.” (you may also require explicit consent, or opt-in, in some legislations like the EU so the user can only submit their information when they’ve actually consented to your policy).
  • If you’re publishing a mobile app, you would usually link the privacy policy on the same level as other menu items like “Settings”, “About us”, “Privacy Policy”.

Where do you get more information regarding the posting of privacy policies?

The above list is taken from suggestions by data protection agencies worldwide. This is also the best approach for you if you want to understand your requirements and duties: check the data protection agencies in your country of operation and in the country or state where you are offering your services.
Therefore below, find the data protection agencies (countries and states like California) sorted by language:

How does iubenda help?

iubenda generates privacy policy templates and works in best practices from various jurisdictions. Our privacy policies come with a nice button that opens a convenient modal window with a summary of the contents of the privacy policy.

In addition to the above, you can style your privacy policy links and contents in any way you want.

You can generate your privacy policy template with us right away:

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