In the past five years the boom of internet has led many changes in style and rules of our lives.
Who, in the real life, tells other people his phone number? Who reveals his date of birth or his girlfriend’s name? Who tells others where is every time?

The (r)evolution of the last years made this part of our daily life. Social networks, geolocation, social commerce and all the rest make the web a place where we can find everything about everyone.

As shown in the infographic below, social networks, especially Facebook, and search engines, especially Google, have made innovations in our life that go beyond privacy.

As shown in a previous post, Facebook currently shares with search engines all your personal information. Oh, sorry, all its information! Yes, because when you give to Facebook all your personal things, they became its property, not yours.

But also Google has a privacy policy that’s not so friendly.
Some example?
With Street View, Google collected thousand of photos showing many people in various ambiguous situations. Someone breaking the law, couples engaging in sex, military bases.
Google also collected and stored data from unencrypted wi-fi connections!

As last, when Google launched its failing social network called Buzz, it automatically published users’ personal networks, “so they were automatically linked”.

So, what’s the role of Iubenda in this scenario?

Iubenda aims to solve privacy problems on the web.

Daily you buy gadgets on the internet or visit a webpage, you partecipate in your favorite forums or watch a video on YouTube. We wish you that the websites you’ll visit have a clear and transparent privacy policy.

Iubenda will help people on two fronts.
The first is about Webmasters and Website owners, who will finally  have a tool for generating legal information pages without becoming crazy. A tool that will also maintain and keep up to date the generated legal notes (a dream, we know!).
The second is about users, who will never read a legal content (when registering on a website or simply subscribing to its newsletter) that is impossible to understand, longer than the Bible and complex as Aristotle.

We are still a start-up looking for investors but if you are interested in our project or simply share our ideal, then subscribe to RSS feed to keep updated about the Iubenda project.

Google privacy infograhic: your privacy on the internet.

Infographic by WordStream Internet Marketing

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iubenda is the easiest and most professional way to generate a privacy policy for your website, mobile app and facebook app

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