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Can you prove your consents are valid? 

Why is proof of consent so important? Recently, two websites were fined for failing to prove the validity of the consents they had obtained from their users. As a result, it was found that the consents obtained did not meet the requirements of the GDPR, and the business behind the websites received hefty fines.

Your consents may be valid, but if you cannot prove them, they are worthless. 

📌 Why is this important for YOUR business? 

This news highlights how critical it is to prove consents. The business was collecting consent but couldn’t prove it according to the GDPR. 

You must prepare unambiguous proof of consent that includes details such as when and by whom consent was givenwhat preferences were expressed, legal or privacy notices in effect when consent was collected, and whether consent was withdrawn. 

📌 How to collect proof of consent?

Collecting proof of consent that meets all these requirements can be challenging, but iubenda’s Consent Database can help your businesses adapt its forms and store proof of consent seamlessly while syncing with its legal documents and providing an intuitive dashboard for retrieving consents at any time. 

It is essential for businesses to be aware of the GDPR’s requirements for obtaining and proving the validity of consent to avoid potential fines and legal issues.

💡 Thanks to the Consent Database, you can adapt your forms and store a proof of consent as required by the GDPR:

  • it integrates seamlessly with your data collection forms (you can choose the option you prefer: frontend, backend, WordPress plugin or automation tools like Zapier and Make);
  • syncs with your legal documents;
  • includes an intuitive dashboard that allows you to retrieve consents at any time.

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Make sure your consents are valid

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