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More Cookie Banner Checks in 2024 Says The AP

Be prepared with our privacy and cookie controls

The Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP) has announced that they’re ramping up compliance checks in 2024. To start off, they’re focusing on cookie banners that are misleading or difficult to navigate. The agency also released a helpful list of how to make sure your banner is compliant.

Rules of thumb for a compliant cookie banner

According to the AP, good cookie banners:

  • say why trackers are being used;
  • make consent choices absolutely clear;
  • avoid pre-filled checkboxes;
  • offer several consent options on a single layer;
  • don’t hide certain choices;
  • don’t require extra clicks to reject consent;
  • make any in-text links obvious;
  • are clear about withdrawing consent.

The AP also made a point to call out privacy controls that don’t distinguish between consent and legitimate interest.
Certain cookies don’t require user consent due to the legal basis of legitimate interest, but you still need to tell users about them. Using consent features like sliders or toggles for these cookies can be confusing since they usually can’t be turned off.

How can iubenda help?

Our guided setup and site scanner will help you follow the AP guidelines with almost zero effort. You’ll end up with the ideal cookie banner for you and a comprehensive set of privacy controls that conform to the applicable requirements. The best part is that with iubenda, all your tools are constantly updated to be in line with the latest data privacy standards.

What do you get with iubenda?

Smart Site Scanning: Our AI-powered site scanner and guided setup help simplify the complex privacy regulations the AP expects you to meet.

Clearer Consents: iubenda’s expert lawyers know the requirements and make sure your privacy controls are clear and concise.

Customizable Cookie Banners: Flexible design options mean your banner can match your brand’s style.

Consistent Updates: Our solutions evolve in real time to match the latest laws and regulations so you can stay compliant with almost zero effort.

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