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Free Privacy Policy Generator – For your Website & App


Craft the ultimate privacy policy for your business

US state laws
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Instantly generate a policy covering privacy laws from California to Connecticut and beyond. Easy to customize and backed by legal experts — it’s compliance made simple. Premium features start at just $5.99/month.

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Get a privacy policy for your website or app in three simple steps.


Start building your privacy policy with just a click. Add your site’s URL or your app’s name to make it your own.


Customize your policy by manually selecting the clauses you need or follow our site scanner’s recommendations.


Copy and paste your embed code to integrate the policy with your site. Like magic, your policy stays in sync with our system for automatic updates.

Create a privacy policy and protect your business

Get a privacy policy that helps keep you in line with the new laws popping up from state to state.

Frequently Asked Questions

Federal law like COPPA requires websites to add extra protection for children’s privacy, while state laws like CPRA in California or VCDPA in Virginia seek to protect consumers from having their personal information mistreated. State laws can impact you even if your business isn’t based in the state. Our tool guides you through building a privacy policy addressing all the specific requirements that apply to you. We simplify US state privacy laws and don’t overwhelm you with jargon or unnecessary complexity.
The Notice at Collection, required by California’s CPRA, is a way of informing consumers upfront about things like the personal information you’re collecting from them, why you need it, and if it’s shared or sold. It’s a privacy tool that empowers consumers to understand and control their data use. iubenda simplifies including this feature in your site or app, helping you build trust and effortlessly meet legal requirements.
Once you’ve found the right option for you, it’s fairly simple. For instance, when you first dive into our Privacy Policy Generator, all you have to do is plug in your URL. The generator walks you through the privacy policy process step by step. You can boost your policy with our paid plans, too: add extra clauses for third-party services or translate your privacy policy into multiple languages. No matter which solution you choose, it’s important to make sure a website privacy policy has all the necessary information — contact info, user rights, your data processing details — and that it’s in line with the appropriate data and privacy laws.
You certainly could. Online you’ll find free static templates. These can serve as a basic privacy policy example (although they can be pretty limited). A better option is to try something like iubenda’s Free Plan. Templates might be a good way to get started, but if you want something simple, interactive and tailored just for you, use iubenda’s Privacy Policy Generator. Privacy policies are serious legal documents, so whichever option you go with, make sure yours is legally sound and suits your business.
Here’s what’s usually required: your contact info along with the effective date of the document; all types of personal information you collect; how that data is being collected, used, and why; with whom you share data; how you protect that data.

Not sure which laws apply to you? Take this free one minute quiz.

Do you have users outside the US, too?

Our 360° solutions don’t just help you comply with US laws. iubenda offers a full suite of compliance tools — terms and conditions, cookie banners and more — that are tailored to strict global standards like the EU’s GDPR and Brazil’s LGPD.

What do you get with iubenda?

Superior coverage. Featuring legal clauses that apply even to the most complex scenarios.

Guided setup. Explanations and prompts help make sure you included what you need.

Peace of mind. With our Site Scanner, address common compliance issues instantly and with ease.

Multilingual support. Available in a growing number of languages including Spanish, German and Italian.

White Label options. Remove iubenda branding and align your privacy tools with your own brand identity.

Simplicity. A single dashboard with easy access to all the compliance tools your business needs.