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California CCPA Cracks Down on Streaming Services

California Attorney General Rob Bonta has initiated an investigative sweep targeting streaming services, concerning their compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). 

This action underscores the importance of upholding consumer rights in the digital age, particularly concerning the sale and sharing of personal information.

CCPA streaming services

Streaming Services Under Scrutiny for CCPA Compliance

As streaming platforms become integral to family entertainment, from live sports to blockbuster movies, the need to protect personal information has never been greater. California’s pioneering stance on data privacy, offering consumers the legal right to instruct businesses not to sell their data, sets a precedent that Attorney General Bonta is keen to enforce.

This investigative sweep focuses on ensuring streaming services comply with CCPA’s opt-out requirements, a critical measure that has been mandatory since 2020.

Data Privacy Day: Understanding Consumer Privacy Rights

🗣 Marking Data Privacy Day, Attorney General Bonta urges consumers to familiarize themselves with their rights under the CCPA:

Here’s a quick recap, under the CCPA/CPRA consumers have a right to: 

  1. be informed about processing activities concerning their personal information;
  2. access their personal information;
  3. portability;
  4. request deletion;
  5. opt-out of certain processing activities;
  6. not be discriminated against;
  7. correct inaccurate information; and
  8. limit the use and disclosure of sensitive personal information.

The law empowers Californians with increased privacy rights, including understanding how businesses collect, share, and disclose their personal information. It mandates businesses to respond to consumer requests to exercise these rights and to provide clear notices about their privacy practices.

The Right to Opt-Out

A cornerstone of the CCPA is the right to opt out of the sale or sharing of personal information for cross-context behavioral advertising. 

This provision ensures consumers can easily exercise their right to privacy with minimal steps, such as enabling a “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” setting on a SmartTV’s streaming service app. Moreover, consumers should expect these preferences to be respected across different devices and easily access the streaming service’s privacy policy detailing their CCPA rights.

Continued Commitment to Data Privacy

The enforcement of the CCPA remains a priority for Attorney General Bonta, as demonstrated by the August 2022 settlement with Sephora over its failure to comply with the CCPA’s requirements. This recent sweep sends a clear message to businesses about the seriousness of adhering to data privacy laws.

For more information on the CCPA or to report a violation, consumers are encouraged to visit www.oag.ca.gov/ccpa, vist their complaint form or check out this new resource. This initiative reinforces California’s leadership in data privacy and serves as a reminder of the ongoing efforts to protect consumer rights in an increasingly digital world.

How to Protect Your Business

Ensuring CCPA compliance is crucial for avoiding fines and building customer trust. iubenda offers tools and services to navigate data privacy laws, helping businesses easily meet CCPA standards with customized privacy policies and user opt-out mechanisms.

Why Choose iubenda?

  • Easy to Use: Our intuitive interface makes compliance accessible for businesses of all sizes. Generate a privacy policyterms and conditions, and more in just a few clicks.
  • Up-to-Date with Legislation: With the legal landscape constantly evolving, we ensure your policies remain compliant with the latest regulations, including the CCPA.
  • Comprehensive Solutions: Beyond privacy policies, our Consent Database and Register of Data Processing Activities help you manage consents and document compliance efforts efficiently.

Take proactive steps today to ensure your streaming service or app is compliant with the CCPA and other data privacy laws. 

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