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Add a Cookie Policy

This is where your cookie policy should be. You’re seeing this page because you haven’t yet linked a cookie policy to your cookie banner.

The cookie policy is a dedicated part of your privacy policy that tells end users about how and why you use cookies, as well as how they can exercise their rights in this regard. If you run cookies on your site, then an up-to-date, compliant Cookie Policy is required by law.

To add a cookie policy, simply select one of these two options in the configurator:

  • The first option (“Generate one”) lets you generate a policy that automatically pulls the relevant data from your iubenda privacy policy and self-updates over time when you add new services to your policy or if the law changes. To start generating, simply click on “Next” below and you’ll be taken to the policy generation page where you can activate the Cookie Policy with a single click. This option requires a Pro license — if you don’t already have one, you can check our pricing page for more info. You can also read more about generating a cookie policy here.

  • The second option lets you add a custom URL, therefore, if you have a compliant and up-to-date cookie policy prepared elsewhere, you can click on “Provide your own policy URL” and insert the link.