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Privacy Policy for eCommerce Stores

If you sell products or services online, your eCommerce store must include an up-to-date, easy to find and easily accessible Privacy Policy.


Why a Privacy Policy is required for eCommerce stores

The privacy policy is a document in which the data owner (the person or entity that runs a website/app) outlines the methods and purposes of its data processing to users, i.e. individuals who visit or use the website/app.

If your website/app collects personal data, you must inform users of this fact by way of a privacy policy: it’s required by law and by third-party services you may use.

All that is required to trigger this obligation is the presence of a simple contact form, Google Analytics, a cookie or even a social widget: if you’re processing any kind of personal data, you definitely need one.

What should a Privacy Policy for eCommerce stores include

In order to be compliant, your policy must at the very least:

  • describe the personal data collected and the purposes of their collection;
  • accurately list all the third parties the data is shared with; and
  • inform users of their rights in relation to their data.

Of course you also have to provide the identity of the data controller (in practice who establishes “why” and “how” the personal data collected must be processed, usually the site/app owner), so name/company, full address and contact email.

eCommerce Privacy Policy example

See this GDPR compliant privacy policy created with our generator for an example of how these elements come together. Click on the button to open the document:

Privacy Policy

How iubenda can help you create a privacy policy for your eCommerce store

If you’re not a lawyer, creating a privacy policy for your eCommerce store can be a serious headache.

Here’s where iubenda can help: our solutions are built with the strictest regulations in mind like the GDPR, the Cookie Law and the CCPA. They’re:

  • crafted and monitored by our international legal team;
  • available in 10 languages;
  • easy to use;
  • fully customizable; and
  • self-updating.

With our Privacy and Cookie Policy Generator you can create a beautiful, professional lawyer-crafted privacy and cookie policy for your eCommerce store:

  • add any of over 1700 pre-created clauses instantly, or simply write your own;
  • after saving, you can easily translate into any of our 9 supported languages with just one click;
  • best of all, it automatically updates when the law changes.

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