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The Owner Field Within the Privacy Policy

The owner field has a default suggestion that reads like this:

Individual, company or any other entity responsible for the website or application.
E.g. iubenda s.r.l – Via Torino, 2 – 20123 Milan (Italy)

In addition to this very simple owner statement you can use some html tags such as bold, italic, etc.

More than pure stylistic options, this opens up additional disclosure options for you. You can add whatever information you need to, such as for example, an appointed person/Data Protection Officer. You can see an example on this screenshot:

Owner field screenshot/example

The owner’s contact email will be added automatically to this very same section, pre-populated from the email form field below the owner field (as seen in the image above).

DPO & EU Representative information

If you’d like, you can easily append DPO details or information about your official EU Representative in the Owner Field. See the following example using html, (feel free to copy and paste the code in and replace the information with your own details:

Your Company Ltd.
Via Torino, 2 - 20123 Milan (Italy)

ePrivacy Consultants
represented by Dr. John Doe
Viale Bianco 21, 20354 Milan, Italy

This will give you the following result:

DPO in owner field example


Please remember, the owner field must include valid identifying information.

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