Can I Copy and Paste the Privacy Policy’s Text into My Website?

The short answer is “no”. It is prohibited by our terms of service.

Here’s why can’t you just copy & paste the text created by the generator – even if you have bought a PRO license:

  • We offer you the possibility of seamlessly embedding the text, using our tools. Read more about how to embed iubenda into your page.
  • The text talks to our servers and auto-updates. By embedding the javascript code and text into your page (as opposed to copy-pasting), the legal text is still able to talk to our servers. This means that you can update your privacy policy from iubenda’s dashboard without meddling in your own site and also take advantage of the features we keep adding. Moreover, we regularly send updates to all of the privacy policies if we feel it’s necessary to answer to changes in legislation.
  • The privacy policy needs to change with time. Websites and apps are “living creatures”. The privacy policy must therefore be correctly kept up to date; as a matter of fact, you can change anything at any time as long as you have your license. By copy-pasting text into your website you make the act of updating it much more difficult.

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