Adding Multiple Privacy Policies for Iubenda

We’re often asked by customers whether it is ok to include the same privacy policy in other sites and other apps. Since this is a question that has come up a lot, it should also be interesting to blog readers.

Creating a privacy policy for each site or app is simply the most convenient and correct way to use our service. Most projects/sites/apps don’t do the same thing, that’s why  different policies are required. Moreover, if moving forward something changes in one app or site (by for example the addition of features that have an impact upon the privacy policy), it won’t necessarily change the other.

  1. In this case, we offer a Multi-license payment plan that makes the generation of various privacy policies much more affordable. The Multi-license plan starts with 5 licenses and can be easily adapted as needs change.
  2. Another approach is to use the policy you bought as your main company policy, and then use this main company policy to reference all the apps/projects it’s suitable for. This is done via the addition of custom clauses to your main privacy policy. Select “Create custom service” and state that this policy governs the projects/apps/sites X & Y & Z. That way you can avoid opening up more licenses before you actually need them.

To add a custom clause, browse to your dashboard (log in), select your main privacy policy, select “Add service”, select “Create custom service”.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 2

To get a subscription package to our privacy policies, go to our subscription page.

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