How to Use iubenda on a Magento Website

How does it work exactly?

When you purchase iubenda for your website, a minimal privacy policy is generated and added to your website (attached to one of the window borders). An email is then sent to you with all the information required to further configure your privacy policy and customize it according to your needs. The generated privacy policy  is then hosted on our servers.

Integrating the privacy policy into your website is easy and we offer different ways to do so.

By default, this extension inserts a code that shows a privacy policy link attached to one of the window borders. You can also override this option by integrating the embedding code provided at the end of the configuration process. This lets you place the link to the privacy policy wherever you wish and even embed the privacy policy text right into one of your pages.

How exactly do I integrate the privacy policy with my Magento website?

There are several ways to accomplish this:

    • Default way: the integration automatically embeds a code on your website (that you can also choose to disable) which shows a privacy policy badge attached to one of the window borders. If clicked, the badge shows the privacy policy.
    • Custom code from our website: the default option is not very flexible, but if you follow the configuration steps (sent via email right after purchasing the service) you can retrieve an embedding code which you can place wherever you want or you can even use the direct policy URL for linking the policy.
    • Direct text embedding: if you do not wish to integrate the privacy policy as an external link, we offer an option to embed the privacy policy text right into a page of your choosing. Simply retrieve the direct text embedding code from the last configuration step (see the instructions sent via email after activating the service) and paste it into the html of one your pages.

Where do I locate the extension after installation?

You can find the extension under System > Configuration. Look for the “Privacy Policy” label on the left sidebar.

This is where you can find the iubenda Magento extension.

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