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Why are there so many privacy policy updates?

If it appears that everyone is updating their privacy policies, it’s because it is true, and perhaps you should be too! Stick around to find out why there are so many privacy policy updates and how you can update yours, too!

Privacy policy updates

Why do I need to update my privacy policy?

Like most things nowadays, privacy policies also need updating!

Companies must update their privacy policies to comply with data protection legislation and notify users of their rights and how their information is collected, stored, and used.

As per international privacy regulations, if you gather personal information from website visitors, you must post a privacy policy and make it available through your website. A privacy policy is a legal document that specifies what kind of personal information you collect from website visitors, how you use it, and how you protect it.

In general, a privacy policy covers

  1. the types of data collected by the website or app; 
  2. the reason for collecting the data; 
  3. data storage, security, and the rights of users;
  4. data transfers; 
  5. affiliated websites or organizations (including third parties);
  6. cookie usage.

Therefore, if any of the above information changes, you must update your privacy policy and notify your users

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👉 Why you need a privacy policy

How often should your privacy policy be updated?

Good practice says you should evaluate your privacy policy at least once every few months. If you make a significant change to how you collect, use, keep, or share data, you should review your privacy policy and update it to ensure that it still accurately reflects your current data processing operations

It’s also good to evaluate your privacy policy when:

  • you’re launching a new or updated product or service;
  • you start using data in a new way; or
  • you start exchanging data with a new partner or vendor.

How to update a privacy policy 

Updating your privacy policy depends on how/where you have created your privacy policy. 

Most privacy policy generators are self-updating with the current laws and allow you to easily update any clauses and add new third parties cookies. 

In the case of iubenda’s Privacy Policy Generator, editing and updating your policy has never been easier. We constantly monitor the major legal regulations and automatically update your policy to keep it valid and up-to-date. However, should you need to manually update your personal information, contact details, custom clauses, or add additional services, you can log back into your iubenda dashboard and make changes anytime.

iubenda’s Privacy Policy Generator in action

First, click on edit in your privacy policy from within your dashboard. 

Here is where you can make changes, update, and add any new clauses. Need to add a new service, for example? Click on Add new service. 

Privacy policy updates

You can all add any applicable legislation standards with a simple click. 

Privacy policy updates

Are your services now available in another country, and do you need to add that language to your privacy policy? Click on Add Language (iubenda has 10 languages to choose from)

Privacy policy updates

Once you’ve made and saved all your changes, our system automatically updates your privacy policies on any website it is embedded in.   

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