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10 Best Email Spam Checkers to Ensure Deliverability

Nowadays, many mail providers rely on internal rules when it comes to classifying an email as spam, so it’s not always easy to avoid it across varying platforms. This is where a good email spam checker can be really useful.

In this short guide, we look at the best email spam checkers for your business (both free and paid) and give you an overview to help you with your choice.

email spam checker

How can I check if my email is marked as spam?

There are several ways in which you can check if an email is spam.

  • First, you can check if you’re using words or expressions that email service providers (such as Gmail or Outlook) see as indicators of spam. These words often portray a sense of urgency or overpromise, they relate to money or just sound unnatural. Mailmeteor has listed quite a few of them here.
  • Second, you need to check your sender score. Spam filters, such as Gmail spam filters, take into consideration a series of factors when marking emails as spam. The sender score rates your reputation as a sender on a scale from 0 to 100, analyzing your domain, IP address, the email you send, and how people respond to that. You can check yours on Sender Score.

As you see, the process isn’t always straightforward. That’s why you can rely on an email spam checker. These are online tools that analyze your email and show you how likely is your email to be classified as spam. We’ve listed the 10 best ones below.

📌 Top 10 Email Spam Checkers


Mailgenius is a free email spam checker that you can use for your emails and newsletters. It works with the main email providers, and it helps you with deliverability problems. To use Mailgenius, you need to send a test email to an address they provide, and you’ll be able to see your score directly.

mailgenius - email testing
Image credit: Mailgenius


Mailgun isn’t just a simple email spam checker, but it provides a set of tools to ensure that your emails are optimized and help you reach your target, such as SMTP integration, bulk email sender and A/B test. Mailgun checks your email and suggests where you can improve your copy to avoid landing in the spam folder.

Mailgun isn’t free, but it offers a Free plan that includes 5,000 emails/month. The paid plan starts at $35/month.

mailgun - email testing
Image credit: Mailgun

Mail Tester

Mail Tester is a free and easy-to-use email spam checker. To use Mail Tester, you need to send a test email to the address they provide, and the platform will give you your overall score, with useful inputs on how to better optimize your emails.

mail tester - spam score checker
Image credit: Mail Tester


Mailmeteor is an email marketing platform that is optimized for Gmail. Besides a set of features that help you manage your email marketing campaigns – such as analytics, mass emails and customization – Mailmeteor provides a free email spam checker that everyone can use.

This email testing tool works like a text editor, and it’s really easy to use: you just need to paste your email copy, and it analyzes your email to look for spam words that could possibly trigger spam filters.

mailmeteor - email spam word checker
Image credit: Mailmeteor


GlockApps is a complete platform that allows you to check every aspect of email deliverability: spam checker, sender score, content analysis and more. It also includes compliance security alerts, that make sure your emails aren’t seen as threats.

GlockApps isn’t free, but it has a Free plan that includes 3 email spam tests. The paid plans start at $59/month.

GlockApps - email testing
Image credit: GlockApps


Mailreach is another platform for email deliverability that helps you reach your users’ inboxes. It also offers a free email spam checker that allows you to test your emails. To use the Mailreach mail testing tool, you need to add a code they provide within the text of your email and then send it to the addresses they list. You’ll then be able to access your score directly online.

mailreach - email spam checker
Image credit: Mailreach


Spamanalyse is a free email spam checker tool, that is really easy to use. All you need to do is paste the text or the HTML of your newsletter, and Spamanalyse will immediately give you a score in percentage. This will help you make sure that your newsletter is reaching the recipients.

Spamanalyse - spam score checker
Image credit: Spamanalyse
🚀 Are you looking for tips to boost your newsletter?

Check our guide 👉 How to Create a Newsletter: Tips, Tricks & Templates to Help You Get Started

Email on acid

Email on acid is a complete platform for email deliverability, that helps you optimize your emails and newsletters and make sure you’re doing everything by the rule. The set of tools also includes an email spam checker that checks for deliverability issues on different platforms and email providers.

Email on acid is a paid tool and the plans start at $74/month.

Email on acid - email spam word checker
Image credit: Email on acid


Postmark is an email deliverability platform that takes care of every aspect of email testing. It also offers a free spam checker that you can use directly online: just paste your email copy and their JSON API will give you a spam score.

Postmark - spam score
Image credit: Postmark


Litmus is an email marketing platform that allows you to manage every aspect of your campaign: design, testing, personalization, analytics and more. The email testing tool includes a spam checker that can help you improve your email deliverability.

Litmus is a paid solution and the paid plans start at $99/month.

Litmus - email testing
Image credit: Litmus

Email marketing and privacy: one thing you should know

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