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The new Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection came into force on September 1st, 2023

The new Federal Data Protection Act (FADP) is the result of a complete revision of the previous Swiss Data Protection Act and entered into force in September 2023.

Does it apply to you?

The FADP applies to the processing of personal data with effects in Switzerland. This means that you need to comply if:

  • your business operates in Switzerland; or
  • your business, regardless of its location, targets and processes the personal data of Swiss users.

What are the risks of non-compliance?

Non-compliance is punishable by fines of up to CHF 250,000.

How iubenda can help

Privacy and Cookie Policy Generator

The new FADP requires you to provide your users with an up-to-date Privacy Policy that includes all the information necessary for users to assert their rights and ensure transparent processing of their data.

With our Privacy and Cookie Policy Generator, you can provide the required disclosures in one click!

👉 Generate your FADP Privacy Policy or update your existing policy by clicking “Enable FADP disclosures for users in Switzerland”

Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution

If you use cookies or similar technologies, the FADP requires you to:

  • inform your users about the use of cookies and similar technologies;
  • provide your users with an easily accessible way to exercise their right to opt out.

👉 To comply, activate your Cookie Policy inside the iubenda Privacy and Cookie Policy Generator

👉 Then, activate or update your Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution, simply selecting where you and your users are based (make sure to include “Switzerland”): the solution will autoconfigure to help you meet the new FADP requirements allowing your users to exercise their right to opt out

Want to know more about the new FADP and how iubenda can help? Check our in-depth article →

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