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Partner Academy

Welcome to the Partner Academy.

Here you will find video tutorials, demos and a lot of other useful content in order to learn or improve your knowledge about legal requirements for websites and apps, and to discover the main features of the iubenda compliance solutions.

Thanks to this course you will learn everything you need to know to successfully pass the Certification Program and become an Expert in Compliance and Technical Requirements with iubenda.

The Certification Program is aimed at agencies, web professionals and consultants who help businesses to build, optimize and otherwise maintain an online presence, and who also want to provide support for their clients’ compliance needs, as well as at lawyers and legal advisors who want to support their clients with the technical requirements of their websites and apps by offering professional and effective solutions.

Introduction to the Certification Program

Watch the introduction video on how to obtain a Certification as an Expert in Compliance and Technical Requirements with iubenda, the differences between the various levels of certification available, and the advantages reserved for our Certified Partners.

Below you will find all the training content available, listed by category.

Main requirements for websites and apps

This section contains a series of video tutorials dedicated to the main legal requirements to be met online. In the first video, we will go through a general overview of what is necessary to adapt a site/app. In the following videos, you will find an in-depth focus on specific regulations, such as the GDPR or the CCPA, or on particular aspects such as consent management and the rules to follow when conducting email marketing. For each video you can also download a PDF version of the presentation.

Global privacy requirements for websites and apps


Additional information

Introduction to GDPR


Additional information

Introduction to CCPA


Additional information

Cookies, consent and tracking in the EU


Additional information

Protecting your business interests with a T&C document


Additional information

Email and direct marketing under the GDPR


Additional information

Email and direct marketing under the CAN-SPAM Act


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Demo on the main features of iubenda

The following videos are focused on how iubenda compliance solutions work. There is a video for each solution: Privacy and Cookie Policy Generator, Terms and Conditions Generator, Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution, Consent Database and Register of Data Processing Activities.

Privacy and Cookie Policy Generator


Additional information

Terms and Conditions Generator


Additional information

Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution


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Consent Database


Additional information

Register of Data Processing Activities


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How to manage the relationship with the end customer

Let’s wrap it up with a video dedicated to agencies and web professionals in which you will receive useful advice on how to manage the relationship with the end customer, earn money by reselling iubenda solutions and relieve yourself from any responsibility.


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Start the certification process

Get a Certification as an Expert in Compliance and Technical Requirements and become an iubenda Certified Partner. You will thus access exclusive content, advanced support and many other advantages reserved for agencies, web professionals and legal partners.

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