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Free Privacy Policy Generator – For your Website & App


Generate your fully customizable Privacy Policy in minutes

Generate a free Privacy Policy for your website that is customizable, professional, and drafted by an international legal team. A simple way to handle compliance.

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Generate a Free Privacy Policy for your website or app in 3 steps

Generate your Free Privacy Policy

Start generating your Policy in just one click. Choose to generate for your website or app.

Customize your Privacy Policy

Customize your policy by manually selecting your clauses or use our site scanner for a recommended list.

Add your Privacy Policy to your site/app

Simply copy and paste your embed code to seamlessly integrate your policy with your site. Your policy is kept synchronized with our system for you to receive automatic-updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get a privacy policy for free?

Yes, you can get a privacy policy for free using online templates or generators that are free of charge. Most static templates are quite basic but are a good way to get you started. You can find downloadable ones. Online generators, on the other hand, are a great option since they are more interactive and customizable. This is important because a privacy policy is a legal document, so it’s crucial to ensure it is compliant with privacy laws and reflects your specific business activities. Our generator offers all these essential features.

How do I create a free privacy policy for my website?

You can create a free privacy policy for your website or app by simply using a free privacy policy generator. Our generator is free to use and you have the option to get our Pro version which gives you access to even more clauses and one-click translation. Which ever solution you choose, when creating a privacy policy, be sure to include valid contact details, information about what kind of personal data you process, the reasons of the processing and the user’s rights – depending on which law applies to you.

Are free privacy policy generators legit?

Yes, free privacy policy generators are generally legit, as long as you pick a high-quality one and approach with caution. This is because the generated documents can lack precision or information, and not cover all the legal requirements specific to your business or industry. That’s why you should always thoroughly customize, review and update your document.

In general though, they are an excellent starting point. You can find high-quality generators that you can trust, like ours, that have been backed up by an international legal team.

How do I create a simple privacy policy?

You can create a simple privacy policy using online templates or generators as a good starting point. It’s still a legally-binding document, that’s why writing it yourself can be tricky. Even for a simple document, we suggest using a professional an reliable generator like ours. In fact, you must make sure your document is compliant with privacy laws and contains all the clauses necessary in order to avoid legal issues.

Overall, make sure you cover the following points: your contact info and the effective date of the document; types of personal information collected; how is that data being collected, used and why; with whom it is shared; how it is protected.

Not sure which law applies to you? Do this free 1-min quiz.

Need help making your site compliant with international privacy laws?

More than just Privacy Policies, iubenda’s 360° solutions help meet the requirements of international online privacy laws (US, Europe, Australia and Brazil).

Create a free privacy policy for your Website or App

Generate your customizable, auto-updated Privacy Policy in just a few clicks.

Features and benefits

Site Scanner to help you dentify which services you need to add to your policy.

Customizable from 1700 services so you can customize as much as you need.

Policies are Remotely Updated when Legal Requirements Change to you’re always up-to-date.

Conveniently generate your privacy policy in up to 11 languages.

Quality of our International Legal Team with the Convenience of a Software Solution.

All our policies are App Store Compatible.