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How to remove iubenda branding

There are a few simple settings to make use of when preparing your privacy policy for inclusion on your site that will remove iubenda’s branding to the extent possible.

There are two areas that are equipped with iubenda branding, which can be removed with a PRO license:

  1. the iubenda button
  2. the privacy policy itself has a branding strip at the bottom that helps the user to understand its source

To remove the iubenda branding on a privacy policy with a PRO license, follow the steps below:

When you are done customizing the content of your privacy policy, the generator takes you to the integration stage. You can also access the integration step via the interface of an existing policy as you can see from the screenshot below.


Use the no style option for the privacy policy link and watch the button change shape:

Remove iubenda branding

Then choose the “No Branding” option. This will remove the “Privacy Policy generated with iubenda” line and also the “Generate yours” button.

Remove iubenda branding


The result is a perfectly clean privacy policy with no unnecessary iubenda branding (see the arrows). The left arrow highlights the section that we cannot remove: as a service provider that hosts this page, we are required to make this known to your users.


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