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How are the Cookie Solution pageviews calculated?

The Iubenda Cookie Solution counts the number of pageviews generated by the website in order to establish the price of the Full Cookie Solution and provides the user with useful information regarding the collection of the consent, such as the percentage of consent on the total visits, the manner in which the consent was collected and so on.

The count of the pageviews is carried on by counting the number of executions of Cookie Solution script. Whenever the Cookie Solution code runs, our software records a pageview.
In order to find out the number of generated pageviews:

Why the amount of pageviews calculated by iubenda does not coincide with the pageviews calculated with Google Analytics?

The number of pageviews calculated by our software may differ from those calculated using other statistical software such as Google Analytics, ShinyStat or Matomo/Piwik. This difference is due to the fact that the Cookie Solution automatically excludes from the counting, the pageviews generated by bots.

Are the pageviews calculated only at the first visit of each user?

Once the consent has been collected, the banner will disappear and the scripts/cookies that were subjected to the prior consent are immediately relased. This is possible because the Cookie Solution script continues working behind the scenes, recognizing the users who have already given their consent. For this reason the pageview is not recorded only at the first visit of each user, but also during all subsequent visits. The Cookie Solution Script, in fact, runs continuously – even if the banner is not displayed and the blocking of scripts not executed.

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