New options for integrating the privacy policy, opportunities reserved to our users, news for the future

Directly integrate policy text and remove simplified page

One of the most requested features since the very beginning has been to directly include the privacy policy text right into the page of your website, without any badge or external link. Finally this feature is here, and it comes with other small improvements 🙂

What changes with the new options:

  • Now you can select/deselect the https pages option. This option is disabled by default, improving the privacy policy loading speed
  • By selecting the “Legal text only” option and by updating the embedding code, your privacy policy will not show the simplified page anymore
  • By using the embedding code from the “Direct text embedding” section, you can include the privacy policy text right in the section of your website in which this code is placed

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News for the future and call for web professionals

We are working on a Terms and Conditions generator, to the mobile apps integration, on offering assistance services and monthly plans of license bundles, addressed to web professionals. If you are a freelance web designer or a web agency, drop us a line if you want to discover how to save money on our services and how to request additional ones.

From The Front conference discount

The most extraordinary conference ever held in Italy for the web design world, September 20th and 21st in the beautiful Bologna, with the same speakers that you are used to read in books and articles, people like Jake Archibald, Aral Balkan, Blaine Cook, Denise Jacobs, Peter-Paul KochSteve Krug, Denys Mishunov, Linda Sandvik, Remy Sharp and Jonathan Snook. An unmissable event that we are really proud to sponsor and for which we offer you a 10% discount code.

– The conference website:
– The discount code: iubenda854

In case you come, don’t forget to let us know on Twitter! 🙂

Unbounce discount! Create, Publish and Optimize Landing Pages

The Unbounce landing page platform has been designed with one thing in mind: Conversion. It’s goal is to simplify you marketing workflow so you can focus on creating, publishing and measuring your campaigns without the usual delays associated with working with IT.

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iubenda is the easiest and most professional way to generate a privacy policy for your website, mobile app and facebook app

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