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Saas agreement: what it is and how to create one

SaaS businesses are on the rise nowadays.

If you’re also providing software as a service, you’ll probably need a SaaS agreement to protect your best interests.

In this short post, we’ll explain what a SaaS agreement is, what it should include and what’s the best way to create SaaS agreements.

Saas agreement

What is a SaaS agreement?

Before diving into the definition of SaaS agreement, we need to understand what a SaaS business is.

SaaS stands for “Software as a service” and it’s a type of business that offers access to cloud software on a subscription. So you don’t get to pay and download the software, but you pay a subscription to access the cloud where the software is stored. For example, iubenda is a SaaS business!

A business like this will need to protect itself from many potential problems.
That’s what a SaaS contract is for!

A SaaS agreement is a document that establishes, in a legally binding way, how the service and the software provided can be used. It also specifies all the details related to payments, licenses, warranties, etc.

Basically, it’s Terms and Conditions for SaaS businesses!

What should SaaS agreements include?

These kinds of documents are very specific to each business, but there are some clauses that you can find in almost every SaaS agreement document.

  • Software license: this clause sets your exclusive right, as the owner, to claim property rights and defines the way users can access the software.
  • Account registration, termination and suspension: this clause defines all the conditions for the user’s registration, as well as the conditions for the termination of the account or the causes that could lead to its suspension.
  • Acceptable use: this clause defines the way in which the service can be used. Make sure to be specific and add all the relevant details.
  • Terms of sale: here you can add all the details about the purchase: methods of payment, order submission, offers and discounts, etc.
  • Contract duration: here you can add all the information related to the subscription: account duration, renewals, upgrades, and so on.
  • Users’ rights: specify what rights the users have under current law.
  • Limitation of liability: this clause defines the conditions under which you can be considered responsible.

📌 SaaS agreement template

You can see how all these clauses come together in the same documents by clicking the button below:

SaaS Agreement

How do I create my SaaS agreement?

If you’re looking for a simple way to create your SaaS agreement, iubenda can help.

iubenda is a SaaS software that makes legal compliance easier for website and app owners.

Our Terms and Conditions Generator allows you to create a document that is 100% customizable and that adapts to your specific scenario.

Choose your language, add your clauses and embed your document on your website. It’s that simple!

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