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How to Modify Your Pricing Plan (Single and Multi-license)

Sometimes you need more or less out of our product than you had anticipated.

We have different payment options:

  • Pay Per License
    Pro: 1 privacy and cookie policy in 1 language for a year + all Pro features.
    Ultra: 1 privacy and cookie policy and 1 terms and conditions document in 1 language for a year + all Pro features.
  • Multi-license
    Volume licensing from 5 license slots.

Let’s assume that you subscribed to a Multi-license plan with 25 license slots and they turn out to be more than you require.

Visit the Account & Billing info section of your iubenda account and click on the Change plan button. This should give you all the necessary options:

Upgrade or downgrade plan


Can I switch between Pay Per License and Multi-license whenever I want?

Yes. Switch between our options anytime as your needs change.

If I already have a Pay Per License plan, do I get a bonus when moving to Multi-license plans?

  • Pay Per License to Multi-license
    You will be credited the unused amount of your payment towards your new Multi-license payment plan. Example: you have used 6 months on your $27/year license and then move to a Multi-license plan means you will have $13.50 credited towards your new payment option.
  • Multi-license to Pay Per License
    The other way around is possible as well. You can move from a Multi-license plan (let’s say 5 license slots) to single licenses based on a Pay Per License plan. This might happen if you use fewer of your available slots than you anticipated. You can also move from a Multi-license plan to the other. In both cases, the portion of the previous plan that you’ve not used will be converted into a free usage period on the plan you’re switching to.

Can I combine Pay Per License and Multi-license plans?

No, that’s not possible at the moment. You would have to update to the next tier or downgrade to Pay Per License.

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