How to Update Your Privacy Policy to Reflect Enhanced Advertising Features in Google Analytics

Using Google Analytics requires you to maintain an updated Privacy Policy which properly informs users on the features used and of the opt-out procedure. For additional information, you can read the article in our blog dedicated to privacy policies for the Google Analytics Remarketing feature.

What follows are practical suggestions for making your privacy policy compliant when using different Google Analytics features.

Adding clauses to cover Google Analytics advertising features

iubenda’s privacy and cookie policy generator makes the following standard services available as per the different Google Analytics advertising features:

  • “Display Advertising extension for Google Analytics” – in which you outline that you make use of either Google’s Interest-based advertising, 3rd-party audience data and information from the DoubleClick Cookie;
  • “Remarketing through Google Analytics for Display Advertising” – in which you outline that you connect tracking activity performed by Google Analytics and its Cookies with the AdWords advertising network and the DoubleClick Cookie;
  • “AdWords Remarketing” – in which you outline that traffic on your site gets connected to the AdWords network for remarketing purposes;
  • “DoubleClick for Publishers Audience Extension” – in which you outline that the traffic on your site gets connected to the DoubleClick network for remarketing purposes.


For example, if you define your remarketing lists via Google Analytics and run the campaign via AdWords, you would add “Display Advertising extension for Google Analytics”, “Remarketing through Google Analytics for Display Advertising” and “AdWords Remarketing” to your iubenda privacy policy.

Using iubenda for Google’s “European Union user consent policy”

Once you’ve added the clauses on Google Analytics advertising features, we suggest that you also take a look at Google’s European Union User Consent Policy. In a nutshell, this Google policy suggests that you seek preemptive consent if you target European Union users.

To comply with EU regulations regarding consent, you can use our Full Cookie Solution, which once installed and configured, displays a notification banner as well as preemptively blocks the installation of cookies until user consent is obtained.

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