Lets talk about privacy policy templates for a moment. It’s highly likely that you’ve come to this blog post because you are looking for guidance on how to make a privacy policy that is free or highly affordable & will effectively comply with privacy related regulations.

The truth is that the topic of privacy regulations is a rather complex thing. Therefore, a template for a privacy policy has to take various things into account like where you are based & what you are actually doing on your website that is privacy relevant. That’s rather hard to manage when you think that there are dozens and dozens of relevant things you may be doing on your site.

If you are doing most of the work for your website, you are the one that knows best about your practices. You know if you are using Google Analyitcs, Mailchimp, a contact form, Facebook Like buttons or making use of any other practice that involves the personal data of your visitors/users.

Mostly however what you don’t know, even if you’ve had very advanced legal schooling, is how to write a legally viable privacy policy. That is what you pay a good lawyer for, who usually has to work out all of the details for your site before they can start applying their very own framework/process for creating a policy for you. Lets get it out there: Hiring a specialized lawyer for your privacy policies, terms of service and other legal documents is the safest way for legal compliance: they will examine your site & situation, work out the legal issues and hopefully create a good policy for you. There’s no question however, that you will have to invest considerable time and money.

Our Approach and Privacy Policy Template

Our approach to generating privacy policies for you is the following:

We’ll help you generate your privacy policy in just 3 steps. It takes only five minutes and you don’t need any legal skills. It’s mostly free, but there’s a PRO version that gets you set up with more advanced controls easily.

It’s as easy as that because our legal team have already done most of the work, handling all the legal documents and texts. It means we have pre-written all of 130+ clauses for various services out there like Google Analytics and others. It also means you can just sign up, choose a few services and then use the policy we generate for you on your site within a few minutes.

Additionally, we host the privacy policy for you, which means that we keep it legally relevant and change things whenever things need to be changed.

Our most popular clauses like Google Analytics, Facebook Like button, Access to the Facebook, Contact form, Twitter Tweet button, Mailing List, Google+ +1 button, Direct registration, Access to the Twitter API and Mailchimp are free for any basic policy and can be used on your site without any further ado.

Privacy Policy Template for X

If you are specifically looking for a privacy policy template for a service like Google Analytics, you may easily generate that within your dashboard. We have by now added over 130+ clauses you may conveniently choose from and if there’s anything missing, we may add it for you if you suggest it in our support forums.

Here’s another example: A lot of people are looking for a privacy policy template for AdSense. It’s the same convenient concept, you just log in and add that clause to your policy. iubenda finishes the process by compiling your text for you.

Privacy Policy Template Resources

This post wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t list a good few resources for alternative privacy policy templates and guides. If you have the limiations of most templates in mind, you may be able to find something more suitable among the following sites. This isn’t a list of the latest top ranking Google search results, but rather one filtered by currentness, trust and quality. Keep in mind that none of it is actually legally binding advice:

One more thing: how is iubenda different than any other premade privacy policy template?

iubenda offers a very wide spectrum of choices like pre-written clauses, hosting of your policy, keeping the docs up to date, the possibility to add custom clauses to your policy and much more. Additionally, we have a Facebook privacy policy generator and one that generates policies for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.


To conclude, we call out privacy policy template a generator, because it’s just so much more than just a template.

Try it, it’s free.

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iubenda is the easiest and most professional way to generate a privacy policy for your website, mobile app and facebook app

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