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New: Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution Configurator

Set your location and leave the rest to us!

Cookie requirements are different everywhere, and with Data Protection Authorities constantly updating their cookie guidelines, it can be hard to keep up.  

At iubenda, we care about your safety from non-compliance fines and want to help! 

We’re proud to introduce our new Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution Configurator, the best way to collect cookie consent while being on the right side of the law!

New Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution Configurator

What’s new?  

A new interface

We’ve listened to your feedback and redesigned the interface. 
Now it’s much easier to understand the requirements that apply to you.

Automatic configuration based on location 

This is the best part, something that our old Configurator didn’t have. 

Where are you based? Where are your users? Answer these two simple questions, and we’ll suggest the best configuration for your site/app. Use our automated configuration, or tweak it manually, as you prefer.

Easier to customize

Our intuitive interface also makes it easier for you to customize your banner.
Our Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution allows you to adapt your Cookie Banner, Consent Banner and Privacy Controls to your specific needs. Choose your format, text, theme, colors, and add your own logo. It’s yours to edit as you like!

Already using our Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution? No need to re-configure!

If you are already using our Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution, you won’t need to do anything. Simply go to your dashboard: you’ll find the new Configurator there, ready to use. 

But don’t worry. 
Even if we changed our Configurator, your banner is still there!

💡 Curious to see how our new Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution Configurator works?

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One last thing!

We’ve long shared Privacy Controls and Cookie Solution updates in our changelog, but now you can keep track of them as soon as they’re available in the beta channel.

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